Our Story

Shoelalas, Our Founder, Carol Harris

She slipped on her shoes and took a bold step forward.


Carol Harris, has always had a love for shoes. Some may even say an obsession.  While traveling a few years ago, she reached her destination to find the rather expensive pair of heels she had recently purchased for her trip were crushed and damaged. Realizing this as a problem shared by all women, Carol began to design a solution that would protect her shoes during travel. Understanding that heavy cedar shoe trees were an impractical solution considering today's current weight limits on luggage, she began to develop a lighter weight and far more attractive solution for a woman's finer shoes.  The result was the birth of Shoelala. 

“Today's woman often finds herself spending far more on a beautiful pair of shoes, and we all cringe just a little when we place our treasured shoes into our luggage because we know they are going to get pressed and squeezed and there isn’t anything we can do to protect them.  It just makes good sense to spend a little bit more to insure that investment is protected. Shoelala not only protects shoes while snugly packed in your luggage, but also helps maintain their shape while stored in your closet, and looks fabulous doing it!”

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, Shoelala is a must have for any woman who values her beautiful shoes!  From stunning bold fabrics to more subtle and elegant patterns, there's a Shoelala to compliment all of your design sensibilities.  In Shoelala, Carol has exquisitely combined both form and function, and as an added surprise, has imprinted encouraging whimsical messages on the soft suede soles of every product.

Join Carol and the Shoelala team on Facebook and support them as they travel around the country showcasing her exquisite new design for the shoes you love!