Why Women Love Shoes!



Although you may not find your Prince Charming like Cinderella, you can find a fabulous pair of shoes that make you feel wonderful!

Ever wonder why women are so selective about our shoes and why we feel the urge to have a new pair?  Believe it or not, psychologists have done a study on this! That’s right and apparently by slipping on just the right look your confidence level can shoot up substantially!


A study by Sorokowski and Pawlowski (Evolution and Human Behavior, 2008) was conducted to determine the formula for the perfect legs, and the results found that they needed to be 5 percent longer than your torso.  The men and women interviewed were asked to evaluate the attractiveness of silhouettes of men and women.  On average, a height of 5 feet 4 inches were chosen as most attractive when their inseam was 30.5 inches, which is 5 percent longer than the average leg measurement for a person that size.



In other words, if you want to be more attractive, then lengthen your legs by a few inches!


It’s no mistake that the latest in designer shoes come in sleek high heels to make us appear taller. Besides, a healthy self-image is one of the basic requirements in life. Another survey conducted by Glamour magazine, along with Anne Kerney-Cooke Ph.D, a body image expert, found that 97 percent of women said they experience moments when they hated their body.  These moments included feeling too heavy, too short and basically undesirable.  When the women were asked to rank the clothes in their closet in regard to sex appeal, shoes were among the first two selections.


So it is apparent why women LOVE shoes and what a huge impact our shoes have on how we feel about ourselves!

Women were raised with the story of Cinderella, so we constantly search in hopes of finding our handsome prince.  You may not find a prince, but you can certainly find a great pair of shoes that make you feel like the fabulous woman you are! So if you need a confidence boost, don't sit around waiting for someone else to show up.  Slip on those beautiful, sexy shoes and get going with your life!


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