When One Finds Love, One Must Embrace It!

On a recent trip to the beautiful city of Paris, I could not help but notice the gorgeous shoes that the Parisian women were wearing. From sleek black high-heel stilettos to bright fashion statements, they were all elegant and quite stunning. Of course, what else would one expect from the fashion capital of the world. As I strolled across the Pont des Arts bridge and admired the'love padlocks' attached to a fence and the majestic landscapes beyond the Seine river, one could feel the power and strength of the passion that lay within each lover's padlock. The word passion in itself invokes an intense feeling and captures the individual who possesses it. From the passion, one person feels for another to the passion one has of a sport, cause or country; the essence of the word is to love deeply. How wonderful it is to feel such a love! When and if one finds it, one must embrace it. The walk of life is short and the opportunity to feel for something intensely should be appreciated. So I say whether it is the love of your family or the love of your beautiful shoes. Enjoy...Love...Live!