Packing Made Simple!

Isn’t it great when you learn new tips and secrets on how to make things work a whole lot easier?  Through my research and years of packing, I have combined the different opinions of others and brought them all together to pack the perfect bag!

Luggage shot of NON crushed shoes

First, it is important to consider the destination.  How you pack for New York will be much different from how you pack for a hiking trip.  If you are headed off to a wedding, for example, you will want everything crease-free, because you surely will have little down time to iron and let’s be honest none of us want to do that.


It is important to keep it simple and organized.  There are two versions of packing that I have found to be most effective.  I am not a fan of tissue paper.  It just gets in the way.  Instead, I layer my clothes beginning with the heavier pants and then stack my shirts on the top or better yet, I pack my shirts/blouses as a stack into a packing envelope to keep them together and wrinkle free.  If you do not have a packing envelope, you can use a clear plastic bag.  Just make sure it fits snug so there isn’t room for the blouses to move around.  This is also great when packing for children and teenagers.  You can put a grouping of shirts into one bag, or you can put each day’s clothes into one bag. You can take what you need for that day, and everything else stays organized and wrinkle free!  No more clothes crumbled inside the suitcase.


Every woman has a favorite pair of shoes and in the past, we would stand over our suitcase and try to decide where to position our beautiful shoes where they would least likely be dented or crushed by everything else during the trip.  I have found the best option is to use foam based shoe shapers that are designed to be flexible, but firm and actually protect the toe and the mid-section of a shoe.  offers designer shoetrees that we prefer to call  shoe shapers in several stylish patterns and easily slips into different shoe styles.  The best thing about them is that they are extremely lightweight and only take up the room inside the shoe.  After your trip, you simply store them on your shelf giving your closet a designer look.

Don’t forget the shoe bag!  There is nothing worse than having the bottom of your shoes rub dirt against your beautiful blouse!  You may prefer to stack your shoes in bags on top of your pants and then place your blouses on top, but it depends on how if your shoes have embellishments that are delicate and need extra protection.


To avoid leaks always ensure that you use a leak-proof case!  You can fill travel-size plastic bottles leaving room at the top, squeeze out excess air and cap them, and you are ready to go.  I generally double bag my toiletries so if there is a leak it is not in my case, and it is easy to clean up.


Lastly, I put my hanging clothes in dry cleaner bags and rubber band, they all together at the top and hang them into my garment bag.  You of course want to fold it over on the very top of your suitcase so it receives the least amount of weight and can maintain wrinkle free.